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PowerPoint Tip – Make Organizing Graphics Easier by @learntech

Have a lot of objects (text boxes, smartart, graphics, etc.) on your PowerPoint slides? This tip will make arranging and organizing them much easier.

An Easy Way to Add Pizazz to your PowerPoint Text

by Jackie Kiadii, PowerPoint Trainer Are you afraid of boring your audience with slide upon slide of text? PowerPoint 2010 provides a quick way for you to jazz up boring text by changing it to smart art. Step 1 – Right-click anywhere within the text box on your slide. Step 2 – Select Convert to …

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PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 Tutorial – Create Graphics The Easy Way

Here’s a quick tip for creating graphics with PowerPoint. I often use this quick shortcut to create website buttons and other graphics. Create the graphics on a PowerPoint slide. SmartArt is a good tool for this. Select the items.Hold down your SHIFT key while you select the items, or left-click and drag a box over …

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Advanced PowerPoint 2007 Tip: Saving your Background

PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial: Saving your Presentation Backgrounds In a recent class, a student asked this question: “I really like the background picture on this slide. Is there any way I can use it some where else?” Here’s my answer: First, you have to make sure you have the right to use the picture. Once you …

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Advanced PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial – Custom Slide Shows

In this post, I shared a tip from my PowerPoint With Pizazz! class. Powerpoint 2003 Version PowerPoint’s Custom Slide Show feature allows you to use the specific slides from a single presentation in a customized presentation. This is a very handy feature. Instead of ┬áhaving to sync several PowerPoint presentations, you keep all of the …

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PowerPoint Tip: Upload your PowerPoint Presentation to the ‘Net

Are you looking for an easy way to upload and share your Powerpoint presentations? AuthorStream may have the answer. With AuthorStream, you can upload your PowerPoint presentation to share it on blogs, websites, YouTube and even iPods. All you have to do is create the PowerPoint presentation. Include your audio narrations, timing, and animations. Upload …

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Powerpoint Tip – Screen Presentation Tips

While running a PowerPoint slide show, you may want to temporarily turn the screen off so that the audience focuses on what you are saying. Here’s a quick way to do so. Type B to turn the screen Black. Type W to turn the screen White.

PowerPoint Tip – Pause Slide Shows

Version 2003 While running a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show, you may want to temporarily turn the screen off so that the audience focuses on you. Type B to turn the screen black, or W to turn the screen white. Press Esc to resume the slide show.