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#1 Cause of Pivot Table Headaches

The key to maximizing Excel Pivot Table’s powerful features is making sure your source data is properly formatted.

Excel Tip – How to Protect Specific Cells

Wondering how to protect specific cells in Excel? This blog post has the step-by-step instructions.

Ask Jackie: How to Copy Excel Subtotals to A New Workbook

Excel Tip: “When I do subtotals, how can I copy just the subtotals to a new Excel workbook?”

Excel Tip: Summarize Multiple Worksheets Quickly with 3D Formulas

Looking for an almost instant way to summarize a workbook that has multiple sheets? Whether your workbook has 5 sheets or 50, here’s a solution.

Ask Jackie: How do I copy and paste a cell’s comments? Excel Tip by @learntech

by Jackie Kiadii – Atlanta-based Excel Trainer Question: This question came up in a recent Excel for Peak Performers course. I have a comment in one cell that applies to many cells. I really do not want to type the same comment 50 or so times. Since the data in each cell is different, a …

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Excel Tip – How to Conditionally Sum Numbers with SUMIF

Excel SUMIF function - with sumrange

ExcelTip via @learntech. So you know all about SUMS and AUTOSUMs. Let’s take SUM functions to the next level.

Ask Jackie: How Do I Add a Watermark to Excel?

While Excel 2010 doesn’t enable printed watermarks, there is a workaround.

Shortcuts for Navigating an Excel Worksheet

Use these simple keyboard shortcuts to move around quickly in Excel.

Quick Excel Pivot Table Formatting Tip – Setting Default Styles

Excel Pivot Table Tutorial – A quick way to format your pivot tables.

Excel 2010 Tip – A Little-Known, Powerful Filter Feature

Did you know about this powerful Excel filter feature? This one always surprises (and delights) my students.

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