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Ask Jackie: How to Copy Excel Subtotals to A New Workbook

Excel Tip: “When I do subtotals, how can I copy just the subtotals to a new Excel workbook?”

Shortcuts for Navigating an Excel Worksheet

Use these simple keyboard shortcuts to move around quickly in Excel.

Splitting Lists – Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

Splitting Apart Lists (Excel 2003 & 2007) For additional information, check out the Excel Functions and Formulas class. This is one of my favorite Excel tips for 2 reasons: It is incredibly simple and easy, once you get the hang of it,  Most people do not know about it. I am surprised to find, even …

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Excel Tip – Quickest Ways to Copy Worksheets.

Copying worksheets is one of my favorite Excel time savers. If you have an Excel file (workbook)  that has similar worksheets, such as a budget workbook with a sheet for every month, copying worksheets will save you time. This tip works with Excel 2003 – 2010.Some of you may know the traditional way to copy a worksheet (Excel 2003 instructions): …

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Excel 2003 – Control Enter Key Action

Question: When I hit enter after typing an item, Excel automatically takes me to the cell below the current cell. Is there anyway to change this so that it moves to the cell on the right? Answer: Changing this feature can be valuable, particularly when you have to do a lot of data entry. Here’s …

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MS Office 2003 Tip – Save Time by Adding Buttons to your Toolbar

This tip shows you how to add buttons to any toolbar in the Microsoft Office 2003 suite (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.) Why would you use this, may ask? I have found that adding a couple of buttons to the toolbar for frequently used commands speeds up my productivity. A perfect example, from Microsoft …

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Excel Tip: Quickly Find Named Ranges

The ability to name ranges is a valuable Excel feature, particularly when you are working with complex workbooks. Naming ranges allows you to assign an easy to remember name to a: cell, range of cells, or formula. You can use a named range by referring to its name (ex., Tax Table), rather than having to …

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Excel Tip – Conditional Formatting.

Excel Tip – Conditional Formatting This tip comes in handy when you are using Excel for a report. You can set it up so that when values are above or beneath a particular threshold, the data will be formatted in a particular manner. Here is an example of a way you can use conditional formatting: …

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Excel – Change the Default File Location

When you try to open an Excel workbook, Microsoft’s default is to look in your c:\documents subfolder. Here’s a quick trick I use to change the default file location. The seconds you save will add up to hours over time. Click on the Tools menu. Click on Options. Select the General Tab. Under Default File …

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How yours truly used technology to save $5,000 a year

One of the guiding principles in my business is I show business professionals ways they can use technology to save time, lower costs or generate revenue. Here’s a real life example, based on an Excel project I was working on this morning. Project overview: This project involves updating a 290 row, 10 column spreadsheet. Just …

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