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Access AutoNumber: How to Default to 4 Digits

This question came up during an Access class: How do I set it up so that the AutoNumbers are all 4 digits? The answer is very simple.

MS Access Query Tip: How to Extract Titles and Last Names

Access Query Tip – A blog reader from Athens, Greece asks how to extract Title and Last Name (Mr. Brown) from a full name (Mr. John Allen Brown).

Access Union Queries Made Simple

Need to combine unrelated tables that contain related information into one query? I teach you how to use Access union queries the simple way.

MS Access Query Tip: How to Split Names to Extract First & Last Names

MS Access Query Tip: How to Split Names to Extract First & Last Names

Access Tip – How to Create a Date/Time Stamp Field

Access tip – would you like for Access to automatically add a date/time stamp whenever someone creates a new record? Learn the simple step-by-step process.

A Student’s Access Question: Quick, Easy Dropdown Lists

An Access Student Asks: How do I create a drop down list? Access 2007/2010/2003 Tip In a recent Access course, a student asked: "Is there an easy way to provide a drop-down list for my database users? We have 3 divisions in our organization and I’d just like to provide the list so people don’t …

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Access 2007/2010 Forms Tip – Create Default Text Boxes, Combo Boxes etc.

Access 2007/2010 Form Controls Tip Changing the formatting of text boxes and other controls on a form can be a time-consuming process. There is a way, however, to set up a default control so that any controls you enter on a form will have consistent formatting. This can be a huge timesaver. Access – Setting …

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Access 2007 Tip – Adding a Background Picture to a Form

MS Access 2007 Tip – Adding a background picture to a form. A student in a recent Access class asked, “How do I add a picture  or logo as a background graphic on my form?” The steps to do this  are simple, and involve accessing the properties of a form. Open the form in design …

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Is it time to upgrade from MS Excel to MS Access?

While Excel has powerful database capabilities, it has its limitations. Here are 7 signs it’s time to make the switch to Access.

Access 2007 – Setting a Default File Location

To save time having to navigate folders, it helps to assign a folder as your default file location. Click the Office Button. Choose Access Options. In the left panel of the Access Options Box, Choose Popular. Next to default database folder, click the Browse button. Browse to your default folder. Click OK twice. Close Access …

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