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Is Keyword Research Dead? Direct Response SEO™ Tip

For several months, experts have heralded the death of keyword research. Is keyword research really dead? Direct Response SEO™ Tip

Recap of #SoCon14 Social Media Conference by @learntech

A recap of #SoCon14 – the longest running social media “unconference” in the Southeast.

Want to Sell Products or Coaching Services on Your Website? You Need This.

More and more exhausted business owners and full-time employees are looking for ways they can use the Internet to earn passive, recurring and/or predictable income. Are you? If so, read about a critical component.

If Your Website Isn’t Doing This, You’re Better Off Burning Your Money

As a result of an expensive re-branding effort, this company’s website received the most traffic in the company’s history. So why was the CEO unhappy?

Online Lead Generation Tip – 1 Simple Idea for Maximizing Your Website’s Leads

Are you looking for one simple way to convert your existing traffic into more leads? Here’s a 4-step process.

11 Ways Blogging Generates Leads

If you have time to participate in only one social media activity, I recommend blogging. Why? Because a blog is a proven, time-tested way to increase your visibility, attract quality leads, and shorten the sales cycle. A Business Generating Blog Is . . . And Isn’t Before sharing ways blogging generate leads, let me start …

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Simplify Your SEO With Themes

There are a lot of steps involved in high-quality SEO, the type of SEO that leads to long term traffic and sales. Themes will simplify and focus your efforts.

SEO Tip: 3 Steps to More Sales

3 Steps to More Sales with SEO There’s more to success with search engine optimization than getting on the first page of Google or Bing. If you want your search engine optimization efforts to lead to more sales, make sure you follow these three steps. SEO Step 1- High Ranking Position Positioning is what most …

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What Successful SEO and Fishing Have in Common

You may have read my previous article on the similarities between SEO and  Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. In this article, I explain how SEO is like fishing. What do you need in order to catch fish? If you answered “bait,” you are correct! In search engine optimization, we have something called “link bait,” which is simply …

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How your Blog is Like Thanksgiving Turkey

What does your Thanksgiving turkey have in common with your online marketing? One word – leftovers! Turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini, turkey casserole, turkey salad.  I am sure some of you are still finding ways to serve the last of the leftovers. In the online marketing world, we call it re-purposing content. Once you create content, …

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