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Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007 and 2003 tips, tricks and tutorials.

Hey! What Happened to My Ribbon?

The steps you used to un-hide the ribbon in Office 2010 will not work in version 2013. For step-by-step instructions, read this article.

Outlook Tip – 3 Steps to Automating Your Lead Follow Up

Most people have no idea how simple it is to use Outlook as a lead follow up system. Before you spend money on a CRM system, take a look at these 3 steps.

Outlook Tutorial – How to Delete Multiple Calendar Appointments

Outlook Tutorial – How to Delete Multiple Calendar Appointments Versions 2007 – 2016 After importing training dates into my Outlook calendar, I noticed a few mistakes. Rather than individually correct the items, I decided it would be fastest to delete all of my entries and re-import. In case you ever have to delete multiple calendar …

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Viewing Gmail (or Any Website) in Outlook 2007/2010

How to View Gmail (or Any Other Website) in Outlook Tested in versions 2007/2010 I used this Outlook workaround so that I could view my gmail email messages in Outlook. The traditional method involves adding gmail as an account within Outlook. There is one problem, however. My gmail account is one of my catch-all accounts, …

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Outlook 2007 Tip – Edit Quick Parts

In a previous blog post, Increase Efficiency with Quick Parts, I went over the steps for creating a quick part you can use over and over again. Unfortunately, Outlook 2007 doesn’t provide an easy way to edit quick parts. The way to do it is to make changes to the Quick Parts item, and re-save …

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Outlook Spring Cleaning Tips

If you feel as if keeping your inbox clean in an on-going battle, you are not alone. Here are a couple of quick housecleaning tips for Outlook 2007. Permanently delete messages. When you hit the “Delete” key, your messages are moved to your Deleted Items folder. In order to permanently delete them, you have to empty …

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Outlook 2007 – Increase Efficiency with Quick Parts

In a previous blog post,Automate your Standard Emails with Outlook Signatures, I explored one of my favorite tips of all time – the ability to use Outlook 2003 create standard email blurbs as signature files, and pop one or more of the signature files in an email when needed. I used this all of the …

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Outlook 2007 – How to Export 1 Folder

To export just one folder in Outlook 2007. Click the File menu. Click Import/Export. Choose Export to a file. Click Next. Choose Personal Folder File and click Next. Select the folder you wish to export from the list, click the include subfolders box if you want to include subfolders. Create the name you’d like to …

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Outlook – 2 Ways to Create an Appointment from an Email

One way to keep your inbox clear of clutter is to take action on every email that comes into your box. Here are two ways to create an appointment from an email. 1st Method• Drag the email to the calendar on the To-Do Bar.• The email changes to an Appointment.• Make sure the date and …

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Outlook Tasks Tip – Create a Things to Do Today List

One of the benefits of using Outlook Tasks is the convenience of removing every single “I’ve gotta do this” from your mind. This frees of mind of clutter, leaving it open to focus on your high value activities. With tasks, you have a things to do list that is really easy to access. Some of …

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