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Excel VBA Tip: How to Protect Your Code from Prying Eyes (and Fingers)

One of the first thing my Excel Macros & VBA students want to learn is how to protect their precious code. Learn the simple, straightforward method.

Excel Pivot Table Tip – How to Make SUM Function the Default

A question from an Excel training session: How can I make SUM the default function?

MS Access Query Tip: How to Extract Titles and Last Names

Access Query Tip – A blog reader from Athens, Greece asks how to extract Title and Last Name (Mr. Brown) from a full name (Mr. John Allen Brown).

Excel Tip – How to Protect Specific Cells

Wondering how to protect specific cells in Excel? This blog post has the step-by-step instructions.

Ask Jackie: How to Copy Excel Subtotals to A New Workbook

Excel Tip: “When I do subtotals, how can I copy just the subtotals to a new Excel workbook?”

Ask Jackie: How do I copy and paste a cell’s comments? Excel Tip by @learntech

by Jackie Kiadii – Atlanta-based Excel Trainer Question: This question came up in a recent Excel for Peak Performers course. I have a comment in one cell that applies to many cells. I really do not want to type the same comment 50 or so times. Since the data in each cell is different, a …

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Want to Sell Products or Coaching Services on Your Website? You Need This.

More and more exhausted business owners and full-time employees are looking for ways they can use the Internet to earn passive, recurring and/or predictable income. Are you? If so, read about a critical component.

Word 2007 Tutorial – How to Get Rid of the Calibri Default Font

While teaching a Word 2007 course recently, a student mentioned how annoying it was to have to change the font every time she started a new document. (As you may know, Word 2007 comes with a default font of Calibri.) Fortunately, changing this option is really easy. Type CTRL D to launch the Font dialog …

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Excel 2003 – Control Enter Key Action

Question: When I hit enter after typing an item, Excel automatically takes me to the cell below the current cell. Is there anyway to change this so that it moves to the cell on the right? Answer: Changing this feature can be valuable, particularly when you have to do a lot of data entry. Here’s …

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