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Access 2010, 2007 and 2003 tips, tricks and tutorials.

Access AutoNumber: How to Default to 4 Digits

This question came up during an Access class: How do I set it up so that the AutoNumbers are all 4 digits? The answer is very simple.

What’s New With Access 2016?

Wondering if you should make the upgrade to Access 2016? Read about the new features in the desktop and web app versions.

MS Access Query Tip: How to Extract Titles and Last Names

Access Query Tip – A blog reader from Athens, Greece asks how to extract Title and Last Name (Mr. Brown) from a full name (Mr. John Allen Brown).

Access Union Queries Made Simple

Need to combine unrelated tables that contain related information into one query? I teach you how to use Access union queries the simple way.

Access Totals Query Tip – Partition Function

Allow me to introduce you to the little-known, but very useful, Access partition function. It comes in handy when you group items in queries.

Hey! What Happened to My Ribbon?

The steps you used to un-hide the ribbon in Office 2010 will not work in version 2013. For step-by-step instructions, read this article.

How to Get your Boss to Say Yes to Training by @learntech

In order to get your boss to say “yes” to quality training, you have to speak to the top 2 concerns of top managers.

Ask Jackie: How do I set a default date field in Access? | Access Tip – Table Macros

Wondering how you can automatically base create a value in a field based on the value in another field? This feature (new with Access 2010) is the answer.

Access Tutorial – Create Fields Instantly with Quick Parts

Looking for a lightening fast way to create fields in your table? Take a look at quick start fields, a #phenomenal feature that is new with Access 2010.

MS Access Query Tip: How to Split Names to Extract First & Last Names

MS Access Query Tip: How to Split Names to Extract First & Last Names

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