How to Use Excel’s MOD Function

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The MOD function is one of those simple, often overlooked, highly valuable Excel functions.

If I had to pick a Swiss Army Knife of Excel functions, the MOD function would be in the running. Why? Because once you know it, you can find a number of ways to use it.

The MOD function returns the remainder after you divide a number by a divisor.

The syntax is as follows: MOD (Number, Divisor)

For example, MOD (5, 1) would return 0. MOD (5,2) would return 1. MOD (5.5, 1) would return .5.

So now that you know the MOD function, how would you use it?

In upcoming articles, I’ll share tutorials to leverage the power of MOD functions.

In the meantime, here are a few simple ideas. You can use the MOD function to conditionally format cells that meet a certain criteria or prevent your users from entering values that don’t meet the criteria you set. (tag posts for conditional formatting, and add)

Using the MOD function to test for integer values:

MOD (A1,1)=1 will return a TRUE if the number is an integer, and FALSE if it isn’t.

Using the MOD function to test for odd or even numbers:

MOD(A1,2)=0 will return TRUE if the number is an even number, and FALSE if it isn’t.



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