Pivot Table: How to Group Data by Number Ranges

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Do you have pivot table data that you would like to group by age, price range, or any other numerical data?

It’s possible and very simple, using pivot table’s group by number feature.

As an example, we have a pivot table that shows product sales and we want to find out the number of sales by price range.

Step 1: Clean Up Your Data

The first step is to make sure your raw dataset is clean. In order for this to work, all the values in the column you want to group on should be numbers. For additional tips on cleaning up your raw data, click here.

Step 2: Create the Pivot Table

Next, create a pivot table, with the field you want to group on as a row label. In our example, we are going to use the price as the row label, and the number (count) of transactions in the value area.

Pivot table field grouping by numbers

As you can see from the picture below, our resulting pivot table has individual prices. This is not helpful.

Pivot table initial results


Step 3: Group

Next, right-click on your grouping field (row label) and select group.

The Grouping dialog box pops up, with the lowest and highest numbers in your range already selected. Next to *By*, define the range. In our case, I will use 5. What is not shown in this graphic is that I also rounded the starting (10) and ending (35) numbers to make my groupings cleaner.

pivot table number grouping dialog box

Here is the original result.

pivot table number grouping results

I then changed the headings and formatted the numbers to make the results more visually appealing.

pivot table grouped by nubmers final result


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