Access AutoNumber: How to Default to 4 Digits

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Access 4 Digit AutoNumbers

AutoNumber is a special field type in Access. It is meant to be used as a primary key field. When you create an AutoNumber field, the values are unique integers that start with the number 1 and incremented by 1.

This question came up during an Access class: How do I set it up so that the AutoNumbers are all 4 digits?

The answer is very simple.

Create the AutoNumber field.

Switch to design view, and place your cursor next to the AutoNumber field.

In the properties panel (shown below) enter 0000 next to format. Autonumbers will automatically default to 4 digits (0001, 0002, etc.)

Access Field Properties Formatting Autonumber to 4 digits

Bonus: If you want the AutoNumber to include specific text, include that text in the format field. For example, a format of "GA-"0000 will generate AutoNumbers like GA-0001, GA-0002, etc.

Access Field Properties Autonumber Text 4 Digit Numbers

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