What’s New With Access 2016?

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Access 2016 was released by Microsoft in September 2015. While desktop version users won’t see a significant change from Access 2013, it is worth it to highlight the changes.

New in Access 2016 – Desktop Version

Here are the differences between Access 2013 and 2016 – desktop version. .

  • “Tell me what you want to do.”(Not available when designing web apps.) The “tell me” feature is available in all of the new Office desktop apps. It’s a text box on the ribbon that enables you to enter key words or phrases that will get you to the features you want to use.access 2016 tell me what you want me to do
  • A more colorful border in the user interface and two new Office themes. You can apply “Colorful” and “White” to the Access program.
  • The ability to export linked data source information to Excel.If you’re working on an Access application that includes links to various data sources, you’ll find the ability to export a list of  your data sources helpful. This new functionality is built into the Linked Table Manager dialog. (Not available when designing web apps.)
  • A modern look and feel to the most popular templates.You’ll find that five of the previous version’s most popular desktop database templates (Desktop Assets, Desktop Events, Desktop Contacts, Desktop Tasks, and Desktop Students) have been redesigned to exude a more contemporary look and feel. Each comes with a new Getting Started form that has links to resources such as how-to articles, videos, etc.
  • A larger Show Table dialog.When designing queries, the Show Table dialog box pops up by default. Users have long complained that the height of the Show Table dialog box allows a limited view of tables. The Access designers have made the default size of the 2016’s Show Table dialog box to be bigger for users to better see it and the query names in the database. (Not available when designing web apps.)

New in Access 2016 – Web App Enhancements

Microsoft has included new web app features for SharePoint 2016 on-premise customers.

If you plan to use SharePoint 2016 with Access Services, you will see a few additional features:

  • Improved datasheet filter
  • Cascading controls
  • Improved image storage and performance
  • Enhanced Item Control
  • On Deploy macro action for upgrade scenarios
  • Lock tables from editing functionality
  • Office Add-ins integration with Access Web apps
  • Additional packaging and upgrade functionality for Access Web app packages
  • Download in Excel feature for datasheet views


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Jackie Kiadii has 20 years of Access database development experience, and teaches Basic through Advanced Access courses, including an in-depth 4-day Access immersion course.

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