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Do you find yourself struggling with ordering objects (text boxes, pictures, etc.) on your PowerPoint slide?

Do overlapping objects make it difficult to select the item you need?

Tired of having to struggle with multiple Send Backward and Bring Forward commands?

Well, fortunately for you, PowerPoint’s Selection Pane makes the entire process easy. The pane lists all of the objects on a slide so that you can easily re-order, rename, show and hide individual or multiple objects.

If you haven’t heard of the selection pane before, you are not alone. Hidden beneath a couple of layers on the Home tab and not mentioned in most standard training manuals, the selection pane is a hidden jewel you’ll find yourself using over and over again.

For example, here’s a slide in my Direct Response SEO™ course.

PowerPoint Training Atlanta - PowerPoint Slide

Here’s the Selection Pane for the slide.

picture of PowerPoint's Selection Pane by PowerPoint Training Atlanta

How to Launch PowerPoint’s Selection Pane


Click the Home tab.

In the Editing group, click Select, then Selection Pane.

The selection pane will show up on the right side of your screen.

To select an item on the slide, click the item on the selection pane.

To make an object visible or invisible, click the eye icon.

To reorder objects, click the arrows at the bottom of the selection pane.

To rename an object, double-click it on the selection pane and type the new name. This is especially helpful when you have many objects – assigning meaningful names will make your life easier.


About the Author – Atlanta-Based PowerPoint Trainer Jackie Kiadii

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