Ask Jackie: How do I copy and paste a cell’s comments? Excel Tip by @learntech

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by Jackie Kiadii – Atlanta-based Excel Trainer


This question came up in a recent Excel for Peak Performers course.

I have a comment in one cell that applies to many cells. I really do not want to type the same comment 50 or so times. Since the data in each cell is different, a simple copy and paste won’t work. Any suggestions?


Yes, there is a way to copy and paste just a comment.  The process, while undocumented, is quick and easy.

1 – Copy the cell that contains your comment.

2 – Select the cells you want to paste the comment into. Remember you can use your CTRL key to select non-continguous cells.

3 – Right-click the cells and Left-click Paste Special.

Excel Tutorial - Paste Special


4 – Select Comments, then click OK.

Excel Paste Special Comments


As promised, it is very easy to copy and paste comments.

I’m always thankful for my students’ questions. Not only am I thrilled to help them solve their work problems, but they supply great fodder for this blog!

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