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Savvy organizations understand the importance of employee training, but it’s a trite, yet often true saying – “when there’s a budget crunch, training is the first to go.”

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So, you’ve found a course you would like to attend and you’re not sure your boss will pay for it.  Or worse even, your boss is leaning towards approving a cheap, ineffective course that will not solve your team’s problems.

How do you get your boss to approve much needed training, or provide quality, hands-on training in lieu of a cheap seminar?

Here is our guide to getting the boss to not only says yes to training, but yes to the quality training your team needs.

Frame the request in a language your boss understands.

Like all of us, bosses hear one radio station – WIIFM (What’s in it for me?).

There are 2 songs top-level managers want to hear on WIIFM:

  • Grow my Organization
  • Boost my Bottom Line

If you can demonstrate the value of the training in these terms, you improve your chances of getting a “yes.” So instead of asking for “training,” frame your request in terms of the money your organization will save by improving the skills of the team.

My students, for example, report recouping an average of two hours a week (102 hours a year) on what they learn in my software classes. Assuming that each team member earns $35,000 a year, with a company cost of salary and benefits of $51,775 (according to salary.com), the 102 hours saved would be worth $2,536.96 a person, or $20,311.68 for a team of 8 people.

So, how much is your boss willing to pay to recoup the $20,311.68 she is losing each year?

Make sure the training you recommend is of the highest quality.

There is a caveat in taking this approach. Be aware that not all training achieves the same results.

Before hiring a company, you must investigate trainer qualifications and testimonials.

You must determine the following:

  • Are the trainers subject matter experts?
  • Do they have a talent for explaining complex topics in terms students understand?
  • Do they care about whether or not the students learn?
  • Are trainers able to think on their feet and adapt the course to changing environments?

These are all important factors in ensuring the training actually pays off.

What if the boss says no?

Whether your boss doesn’t care about the bottom line, or if there simply isn’t any funding in the budget for training, your boss may still reject your training request.  This doesn’t mean you should give up on training that will improve your skills and make you a more valuable asset.

Pay for it yourself.

Do not lose sight of these facts:

  1. The right training is an investment that yields immediate dividends.
  2. No one is responsible for your career growth but you.

The biggest mistake we could ever make in our lives is to think we work for anybody but ourselves.

Brian Tracy

Paying for my own training was a strategy I used when I worked in Corporate America.

I asked the following questions:

  1. Will they pay for training?  If the answer was “No,” I moved to the next question.
  2. Will they give me time off and pay for travel (if necessary)? If the answer to this question was “No,” I simply paid for the training myself and used my vacation days to attend training.

Yes, there were times when the investment entered into the thousands of dollars (and my co-workers looked at me as if I had taken leave of my senses), but my willingness to invest in myself always paid off.

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Since 2001, Jackie Kiadii has taught employees of some of the best known companies in the world how to use Microsoft Office software (Access, Excel, Project, etc.) to increase their productivity.  Her Atlanta-based IT Services firm provides Software Training and Consulting services, and Search Engine Optimization. She has provided software training for employees of Emory University, Coca-Cola Company, Novelis, The EPA and more. Click here for a schedule of upcoming software classes in Atlanta, GA.


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