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by Jackie Kiadii Source: Excel Macros & VBA Jump Start ™ Course

Here are few tips to help you when you are creating your Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) procedures.

Make creating Excel Macros & VBA easier

Excel VBA Tip # 1 – Use Lower Case.

This is a developer’s secret – when you type your code in lower case and hit Enter, all of the Excel keywords will be capitalized. This is a quick way for you to check your code and avoid errors on the fly.




as soon as you hit the Enter key.

Excel VBA Tip # 2 – Create on Paper.

You can save tons of time by creating your code on paper. In addition to mapping out what you want your code to accomplish, you also want to think about the steps involved in getting to your answer.

Hear me now or believe me later. I know it can seem tedious and you really just want to hit the ground running. After 20 years, I cannot stress enough how important it is to think through your code before you enter the VBE (visual basic editor).

You cannot skip this step, even if you are “borrowing” other people’s code to get the job done. My Excel VBA and Macros code course also provides a checklist you can use to dramatically speed up the process of creating on paper.

Excel VBA Tip # 3 – Create in Blocks.

Break your overall task into sub-tasks.  Create code for each sub-task and test the code. Once all sections pass your test, copy and paste to merge the blocks into one.

Excel VBA Tip # 4 – Test, Test, Test Again

Try to anticipate everything that can go wrong, and test your code.

Excel VBA Tip # 5 – Document

Use comment to document each section of code. This will be extremely helpful when you review your code in the future.


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