PowerPoint Tip: Make Formatting Slides in a Large Presentation Easy

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PowerPoint 2010 includes a section feature that allows you to group slides into categories. Similar to headings and outlines in Microsoft Word, you can manage sections, format all the slides in a section at once, and reorder sections to change parts of your presentation.

Adding Sections

To add sections:
Powerpoint 2010 Adding Sections

  • Change to Normal or Slide Sorter view.
  • Point to the space between the two slides, right-click  and choose Add Section.
  • Right-click the section and choose Rename section to name the new section.

Moving Sections

When you move a section, all of the slides associated with a section are also moved.

  • Drag the section to a new location, or right-click a section to choose Move Section Up or Move Section Down.

Formatting Sections

To select a section, click a section’s name.

This selects the section and all of its associated slides.

You can change the slide by applying a new slide layout, resetting the layout, applying and editing themes, and applying slide transitions.

Collapsing and Expanding Sections

To expand or collapse a section, click the triangle to the left of a section’s name.

When a section is collapsed, the slides are not visible on the slide tab in Normal or Slide Sorter view. They can be printed or viewed in Slide show or Reading view.

Deleting Sections

You have several options for deleting a section. Some will delete just the section header and leave the slides, while other options will delete the section and all of its associated slides.

When you right-click a section, you may choose one of the following commands:

  • Remove Section. This deletes the section header. The slides remain and are included in the section above it.
  • Remove Section and Slides. Deletes the section and all slides.
  • Remove all Sections. Deletes all of the section  headers and retains the slides.

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