An Easy Way to Add Pizazz to your PowerPoint Text

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by Jackie Kiadii, PowerPoint Trainer

Are you afraid of boring your audience with slide upon slide of text?

PowerPoint 2010 provides a quick way for you to jazz up boring text by changing it to smart art.

Step 1 – Right-click anywhere within the text box on your slide.

Powerpoint Slide Before Conversion

Step 2 – Select Convert to SmartArt. Click More Smartart Graphics to expand your selection of options.

Convert ot SmartArt 2

Step 3 – Choose your graphic. PowerPoint converts your plain text to a Smart Art graphic. After changing the colors on my SmartArt graphic, this is my end result. You can also apply animation effects to this graphic, although I recommend using animation sparingly.

PowerPoint Slide - After Conversion

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