Access Application Development & Automation Training (SQL, VBA)- Atlanta, GA
Offered in Atlanta and Online | 28 hours, 4 days

This course is a follow-up to the Access 4-day Intensive and is designed to teach the skills needed in order to program databases in Microsoft Access.


Day 1 is an overview of Access advanced concepts, including Macros, query functions and form and report properties. In Days 2 – 4, participants will learn how to use SQL and VBA to automate their databases.

Access 2013 Training - Atlanta, GA

Are you responsible for creating or maintaining your organization's Microsoft Access 2013 databases?


Are you proficient in database development, but want to learn higher level skills such as

  • Navigation Forms
  • Switchboard Forms
  • Macros
  • Security
  • Automation?

Would you like to upgrade your Access skills?

Then this Automation and Application Development course is for you!


Please bring your laptop to this class.

Why attend this Access training course?

  • Access database skills are in high demand, and employers are willing to pay higher salaries for employees with advanced Access skills.

  • Representatives from the non-profit, legal, education, management consulting, health care, and real estate industries have attended our Access training courses.

  • After completing this course, you will be able to save time and extend the capabilities of your Access databases.

  • Your instructor has over 15 years of Access database development experience, and can provide real-world training.

  • This course is limited to 10 students, providing you the opportunity to get 1-on-1 assistance.

Can't Attend? 

Want us to bring Microsoft Access training to your site? Interested in attending this training online? We offer affordable, customized training for groups of as few as 4 people. Contact us or call 770.498.7333 for details.

The employers we've provided training for include ...


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Excellent Tips


Jackie was a very good instructor, she is very familiar with Access and gave excellent tips on items not covered in the book.

Access 2013 Student Feedback



The class was very well taught and held my attention.
The instructor, Jackie, was organized, efficient, and willing to extend her instructional services even after the class was over. She did an excellent job showing her mastery of the ins and outs of Microsoft Access.  But most of all her cooperative attitude and her enthusiasm while instructing us must be commended.

Even after the class was over, Jackie has been an invaluable resource by showing her continuous quest to ensure that Microsoft Access is demystified. And last but not least, Jackie's level of professionalism when dealing with questions on Microsoft Access and her efforts to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that class participants thoroughly understand Microsoft Access has left me with a great admiration of her technical skills.

Caroline E., Environmental Engineer (Access class feedback).

Expect to Learn

As a result of this course, participants will learn:

  • How to create complex forms, including switchboard and multi-tabbed forms.
  • How to add automation to forms to make the process of entering and updating data more efficient and less error-prone.
  • How to use automation to quickly manipulate records.
  • How to use SQL and VBA to query datasets quickly.
  • How to use Automation to transfer data from Microsoft Access to MS Word and Excel.
  • How to create and use message boxes and input boxes.
  • How to create switchboard forms to organize a database’s workflow.
  • How to use VBA and forms to create dynamic reports.
  • How to implement security in Access 2013 databases.
  • How to program form and report events.

This course instructor has over 20 years of Access database development experience. This course was developed to share the core skills needed to take your database development to the next level.

Your tuition includes:

  • Hands-on computer based training
  • Training manuals
  • Practice exercises on CD
  • Real world exercises.


This Access 2013 course requires Advanced-level Access skills or successful completion of Access 2013 4-day Intensive.

Upcoming Sessions of  Access Automation & Application Development - Atlanta, GA


We offer public (live or online) classes for groups of four or more students. For information on our Access courses, please call 770.498.7333 or click here to send an email.

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To contact us please click here, email training AT probiztechnology DOT COM or call 770.498.7333. 

About your instructor: 

Ms. Kiadii helps business professionals use technology to save time, lower costs and increase profits. She provides business technology workshops, customized software training, and Access database solutions. She has taught programs for hundreds of business owners, the Small Business Development Center (GSU), Small Business Administration (Atlanta), Women's Economic Development Agency, Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

Refund / Cancellation Policy: 

If instructor cancels class, students will be issued a full refund. If a student cancels registration, at least one week prior to class, instructor will issue a refund less $85 or 15% administrative fee, whichever is greater. No refunds will be issued if student cancels within a week of class; student will be issued a credit. Credits are good for 90 days.


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